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Leukoreduction before transfusion is proved to benefit in reducing the adverse reaction and pathogen transmission in blood transfusion since 1985.

With our patented technology, the filter can precisely capture WBCs and yields a better result on the desired blood components.

PuriBlood Leukocyte Reduction Filter

for Red Blood Cells

PuriBlood’s first filter is designed for pRBCs. With 10+ configuration, we believe our solution will meet the expectancy and deliver the best result to the valuable patient.

Filter housing

Transparent housing facilitates monitoring priming and the blood flow.

Filtering material

Polypropylene Meltblown nonwoven coated with our patented ZISC technology.


High Speed Filtration

An average of 30% in filtration timesaving

High WBCs removal


High RBCs recovery


Minimal volume loss


What the clients say

Even aged unit could process well

Low failure rate

Easy to use and go along with all the blood bag brands in the market

Product Configurations

Product Model: LRW-50-04-PS

All product configurations (PDF)
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