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About Puriblood Medical

PuriBlood Medical was founded by Dr. Yung Chang in 2016.

PuriBlood developed a unique technology for blood cell separation that is supported by a world-class research center – R&D center for membrane technology (RDCMT).

PuriBlood, in conjunction with RDCMT, holds over 36+ patents supporting our core membrane technology. PuriBlood is committed to improving the blood filtration process with innovative technology of ‘Zwitterionic-bias Surface Coating Technology (ZISC technology)’.



Our Team

Prof. Yung Chang


The founder of PuriBlood

Director, R&D center for Membrane Technology, Taiwan

Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering at Chung Yuan Christian University

Dr. Luke Chen


Chairmain, BluSense Diagnostics

Chairmain, Microbrane

Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, National Chung Hsing University

Dr. Ken Zhong

Vice President

Ph.D, Chemical Enigneering, Chung Yuan Christian University

Our Company Vision


Leadership in product innovation


Extensive partnership /collaboration with clinicians to develop goods in demand


Provide stable-quality cell filtration products to clients


To satisfy clients’ requirements for various customized products of cell separation