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Cell Separation

We provide scientists with an easy, time-saving way for cell separation needed for the use with a variety of downstream research applications.

Devin® Blood Fractionation Membrane

Devin is a syringe filter designed for the depletion of leukocytes and enrichment of microorganisms. Devin is compatible with blood samples and also tested with cerebrospinal fluid and sputum.

It saves critical time on processing the sample before any diagnostics platform.

1 Step

for separation


leukocytes are removed

> 90%

of microorganisms are recovered

Working Principle

Human Depletion Process

Human blood samples (5mL) were processed using different host depletion methods.
Data suggests that Devin increases the ratio of microbial DNA to host DNA.

Performance of DevinTM using blood taken from different age groups

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MiniPuriTM Cell Screening Syringe Filter

MiniPuri Cell Screening Syringe Filter can specify capturing leukocytes from desired blood samples. Leuko-reduced PRP has been proved clinically on preventing inflammation after injection. One additional step can greatly improve the effectiveness and satisfaction of PRP therapy.

1 Step


> 90%

leukocytes are removed

> 95%

of PLATELET are recovered

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