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Puriblood relying on unique technolog to grab the Global 27.7 billion Blood Market

From Global Views Magazine


Complementary with Formosa Plastics technology to build Taiwan’s first blood bag system factory


Xue Guangying revealed that as early as more than a decade ago, Formosa Plastics had commissioned the Plastics Center to assess whether it had a chance to enter the international blood consumables market or not. Later, the plan was temporarily put on hold, not because of the lack of funds of Formosa Plastics, but the use of Formosa Plastics’ technology at the time. It is difficult to find a niche in the market.

Nowadays, with the mature technology of Puriblood, Taiwan’s prospects for entering the international blood consumables market are gradually becoming clear. Puriblood will cooperate with Formosa Plastics Group to attack the market.

Zhang Yong pointed out that the cooperation between Puriblood and Formosa Plastics can make up for their shortcomings. Puriblood wants to play the international cup of blood consumables, but the capital of the startup company is limited, and it has to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build the factory, which does not meet the cost; Formosa Plastics Group has ample resources and is familiar with plastics. As for the lack of technical expertise, it just happened to be filled by Puriblood. Talking about cooperation between the two, of course, hit it off.

Guo Wenbi, senior deputy general manager of Formosa Plastics, pointed out that the future cooperation between Puriblood and Formosa Plastics will be divided into three major aspects.

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